Why are we launching a PropTech Recruitment company?

It’s no secret that the UK property market is facing an unprecedented set of challenges.


Traditional estate agents are facing similar challenges to that of the retail sector. Like the high street retailers, estate agents are currently being shaken by the fact that consumers are now looking online.  Properties that were previously advertised only in shop windows or in newspapers are now being advertised on specialist web portals. For the established players, the shift to online has worked, driving footfall into retail branches having captured the attention of would-be online buyers. However, the recent arrival of online-only and hybrid estate agents seek to cut out the high street estate agents completely, making the client doing as much as the sale work as possible. The new entrants may only command around 8% of the market at the moment but their market share have grown by 30% year on year.

What exactly is PropTech?

Very simply, PropTech is the technology used in the real estate industry and is changing the way we buy, sell, finance and mange property in residential and commercial real estate industries. More to follow in the next blog ‘What is PropTech’.

Why are we launching LMRE?

At LMRE we believe there is a better way to recruit. A more comprehensive, client led focus delivering exceptional talent to the right place at the right time. We are passionate about the industry and passionate about peoples careers. We spend time with each client to become and extension of the business. Our transparency and core values will help us grow with the sector. We are really excited to simplify recruitment and Innovate with our clients and evolve the people driven, PropTech community.

For further information please contact us on bradley.bartlett@lmre.co.uk

020 3947 3271

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