Business Operation Associate/ Manager

Up to £70,000

Central London

Our client is a new platform that is fundamentally changing how the property industry buys land for development. It’s a big data platform that speeds up the process of finding, assessing and buying land.

Your Mission

The Business Operations team is charged with:

In summary, being a decision making support mechanism for the business, in order to optimise performance, scale operations and ensure the company continues to successfully achieve its mission, all while under the strain of rapid growth.

The role

As an Associate / a Manager in the Business Operations team, you will report to the Head of Finance and Business Operations and partner across departments and hierarchies.

In order to provide a decision making support mechanism to the business, you will be required to make clear, well informed suggestions on operations and strategy based on the understanding of the business's performance and processes, developed based on the data you help to manage. You will take ownership of systems and processes related to reporting and internal data and proactively make improvements in line with the needs of business functions. You will also be expected to proactively derive insights from the processes and data in which you are immersed in order to drive improvements in the business. In addition, you will be a flexible team player with the enthusiasm to throw yourself into the myriad challenges that can arise in a fast growing business, have diligence and grit and and the ability to combine an eye for detail with a clear view of the bigger picture.

Stakeholder management and an ability to develop relationships across the organisation are vital elements of the role. Your initial focus will be to utilise your experience of sales and / or business development to liaise with the sales team, bringing the capabilities described above to bear to facilitate that team, bring sales data into the companywide reporting and analysis architecture and provide sales operational and strategic suggestions to the department and wider business.

The department is still relatively young within our clients business, so you will also have a clear opportunity to make your mark in defining its scope and ability to impact the broader company. You will have the chance to contribute to the systems and data architecture we are building across the business, and be a central part of laying the foundations of the company's business intelligence and analytics work.

Skills and requirements

A good candidate for this role will:



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