Director of Business Development

Up to £80,000 + equity +commission

Central London

Primary duty:  Leading the marketing and selling of our client, which will involve:

  1. getting clarity on customer segments, relevant workflows within these segments, and how potential users within them should interact with our client;
  2. accessing and cultivating customers at junior, middle and senior levels of larger firms;
  3. developing and supporting customer relations, marketing campaigns, social media strategies and methods, advertising and website control;
  4. demonstrating our client and handling questions of all sorts about its operation;
  5. recruiting and managing a small sales team including representatives or staff in North America and Europe.

Secondary duties: Integrating with business activities associated with sales

On a daily basis, the post-holder will be devising strategies, contacting and communicating with current and potential customers, managing CRM software and delivering sales. Until further staffing is obtained, time will also be found to deal with the diverse and unpredictable operational challenges that a start-up Company invariably faces.


  1. Master and demonstrate our client
  2. Formulate solutions to problems/challenges that regularly arise
  3. Master relevant CRM software and social media tools
  4. Marshal and organise facts systematically to support analyses
  5. Specify, cost, assign and monitor work completed by outside contractors
  6. Communicate effectively in person, via phone/Zoom or via emails.

Additional for a Senior role

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